Buying beef is always complicated due to different cuts, different prices, and you are a bit lost doing your shopping, so here is a small article to better understand how you should cook the main beef cuts. Of course there are wrong ways to cook it…. It is just that some are better than others in order to keep intact the texture and the flavours. 
First let's have a look on the different common cuts that are sold in supermarket and the cooking methods adapted to these cuts. This is a summary of all the small cuts characteristics.
Now that you know the basic methods to cook basic pieces of beef that we can find in the supermarket, we can go deeper and look at where the main cuts came from and what butchers do with it. This is the ultimate graph for beef lovers, all the animal is detailed with the best cooking method, with it no more excuse to fail a beef preparation

 We hope you learned some interesting stuff and that you are now ready to be a Chef !